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Carly Ho

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About Me

I'm a big nerd with a creative streak. My constantly-rotating list of interests includes music, writing, art, running, knitting & crochet, playing/running roleplaying games, and publishing homemade zines.

I got my B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern U, and since then I've worked in almost every part of the stack and in a wide range of programming languages.

If I haven't told you about my cat yet I'm going to do that right now.


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Parker Arts

Completed 09/2020

A new site for the city of Parker, CO's public arts programs. I was responsible for implementing the backend of the website, including making easily searchable and filterable archives of shows, events, camps and classes, as well as integrating the site with their third-party ticketing system.

Osteopathic our mission screenshot

American Osteopathic Association

Completed 08/2018

The American Osteopathic Association's portal for students, residents and physicians to learn about continuing education comprised a huge number of pages, which we set up in a modular build to put the power to create dynamic content in the client's hands. The site also includes a very granular filtering system for their courses, as well as custom user groups with forums, document upload, and calendars, which we developed in close communication with the client.


WWC 2018

Completed 04/2018

Custom-built convention website and social network for the biannual McDonald's corporate conference for franchisees and employees. I was the engineer for the front-end of the website, which needed to be built to handle ten thousand people hitting it at once.

Homepage Hero Section Animations


Completed 12/2017

Website to accompany a rebrand and design refresh for Coranet, an IT infrastructure company. The design involved specifications for a number of complex, eye-catching animations to make the site feel dynamic and modern, which I was in charge of figuring out how to implement.

Side Scrolling Homepage

Michael Jordan's Restaurant

Completed 07/2017

Site for the new Michael Jordan's Restaurant in Oak Brook, IL. The image colorizing animation is done dynamically, which was a challenge to implement, but the bold reds really make the site pop! The diagonal borders and lines are done using SVGs and a bit of javascript to help dynamically resize and re-angle things.

Homepage Splash Area With Background Video

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Completed 05/2017

Implemented a major website refresh for Michael Jordan's Steakhouse and its Chicago, Connecticut and Portland locations. The theme needed to be flexible enough to accommodate content for the three different restaurants, and have stylish menus that were still easy to change seasonally.

Homepage With Background Images Auto Styled To Be Spookier

Ask Again Later

Completed 03/2017

Wordpress theme built on Sage 9 for the website for Ask Again Later, to house setting and rules information for prospective players.

Fully responsive, and contains some neat tricks, like subpages automatically inheriting their parent page's banner image. Banner images are also automatically filtered to achieve a consistent look and feel.

Homepage banner draws in line drawing, then fades in product image

LBP Manufacturing

Completed 09/2016

I was the developer on the front-end portion of the new site for LBP Manufacturing, a major designer and producer of food packaging products. The site involved a number of complex visual elements and animations designed to showcase the company's products, which were a fun challenge to implement. A 2017 Communicator Award winner!

Writing + Speaking