Carly M. Ho

Multilingual full-stack web development

Projects ~


New and updated website for the premier wireless charging tech company! I handled the integration of the static templates into a dynamic wordpress template that would support the client's content-entry needs in an easy-to-update way. Blog posts automatically show the correct category icon in the top right.

Food Genes and Me

Designed and implemented a fresh new look for Food Genes and Me to accompany their relaunch and marketing push. Among other design assets I created for them, I redesigned their logo to give it an easy monochrome silhouette for branding purposes.

I also integrated the new homepage with their already-in-place registration system, and added the ability to associate uploaded files with a user account.

Fiat Justitia Ruat Cælum Shirt Design

A shirt-and-merchandise graphic design with the latin slogan "Fiat Justitia Ruat Cælum"—"Let justice be done, though the heavens fall"—to benefit the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund. Flowers were digitally painted based on references.


Website to accompany a rebrand and design refresh for Coranet, an IT infrastructure company. The design involved specifications for a number of complex, eye-catching animations to make the site feel dynamic and modern, which I was in charge of figuring out how to implement.

EM Search Consulting

This branding and design refresh for EM Search Consulting involved some interesting challenges in implementing the fun pops of animation throughout the site—note the triangles that slide in at the top of the home page, as well as the lines that draw as the user scrolls down. The history slider on the about page involves custom javascript pagination that scrolls the timeline as the slides advance.

Housing Authority of Cook County

I handled the front-end components for this redesign of the website for the Housing Authority of Cook County. I used CSS transitions on background gradients to create the stylish button hover effects, and implemented scripting from scratch for eye-catching informational hovers and sticky scrolling content.


Website for the New Jersey-based recovery and treatment company. The design featured background video, reversed scrolling and curved borders to give the overall site a soothing feeling, which were interesting challenges to implement.

Michael Jordan's Restaurant

Site for the new Michael Jordan's Restaurant in Oak Brook, IL. The image colorizing animation is done dynamically, which was a challenge to implement, but the bold reds really make the site pop! The diagonal borders and lines are done using SVGs and a bit of javascript to help dynamically resize and re-angle things.

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Implemented a major website refresh for Michael Jordan's Steakhouse and its Chicago, Connecticut and Portland locations. The theme needed to be flexible enough to accommodate content for the three different restaurants, and have stylish menus that were still easy to change seasonally.

Ask Again Later Character System

Character and rules management system for the live-action roleplaying game Ask Again Later, which I run. The system keeps data on the game's unique ruleset, as well as helps the gamerunners and players manage data and information related to gameplay.

Tara Zuber

Simple but elegant single-page site for freelance writer Tara Zuber to display her writing credits and make it easy for interested parties to contact her. Wordpress theme built on Sage 9.

Personal Portfolio

You're looking at it right now! I'd done a lot of work and launched a lot of projects in the previous year or so, and wanted to have a place to properly showcase them. You can read my extensive documentation of this site and its unconventional backend here.

Ask Again Later Website

Wordpress theme built on Sage 9 for the website for Ask Again Later, to house setting and rules information for prospective players.

Fully responsive, and contains some neat tricks, like subpages automatically inheriting their parent page's banner image. Banner images are also automatically filtered to achieve a consistent look and feel.

Afton Partners

Full-stack development of a full rebranding and site refresh for Afton Partners, a company that consults on public education finance. Note the all-CSS animation on the homepage, and the dynamically-generated graphs on the Trends page!

ORS Haircare

I handled front-end development on this project to refresh ORS Haircare's design and implement their online shop. The user interface involved implementing a number of complex pieces, such as the homepage's featured product slider and the shop's filtering interface, in order to best showcase their merchandise.

Pritzker Children's Initiative

Developed this small but visually impactful site to house information for the Pritzker Group's new children's health initiative. While it's a simple site, it was fun to implement the various animations the designer laid out for me to present the content in a visually interesting way. Nominated for a CSS Design Award (April 24, 2017).

Excel Partners

A new website for Connecticut-based staffing firm Excel Partners. A major component of this site was the ability to pull in new job information from an external API, as well as the employees-only information portal.

LBP Manufacturing

I was the developer on the front-end portion of the new site for LBP Manufacturing, a major designer and producer of food packaging products. The site involved a number of complex visual elements and animations designed to showcase the company's products, which were a fun challenge to implement. A 2017 Communicator Award winner!

Sagin, LLC

Implemented this visually impactful design refresh for Sagin, LLC. There's a lot of CSS animations sprinkled around the site, such as the buttons with icons that slide in, and the blue background that scales in behind news items. I also implemented asynchronous filtering for news post fetching and a custom company history slider.

Gonzalez Byass, USA

A website for the Chicago-based wine distributor to go along with a major rebranding. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to display a large amount of data about their large selection of wines while also having it work just as well in mobile browsers. The homepage animation is done entirely using CSS animation keyframes.

Infinite Mysteries Character System

With two other developers, built this system to house player and character data for a playtest of a new roleplaying game system created by a friend. I was responsible for a lot of the database architecture, and created an API to help validate characters' stats and display relevant rule information.

Magical Burst Tools

A set of tools for creating characters and game elements for the roleplaying game Magical Burst, either by hand or entirely randomly generated. I originally wrote this in PHP as a very straightforward random generator, but after the author released tables that would allow completely random character creation, I worked up a more robust version in Sinatra that also allows for users to edit and save characters, and includes a number of other random generation tools.

Speaking ~

What are Birds?

Originally presented at
Super Fun Friends Zone
Presented on

Birds are a hugely varied and fascinating part of our world's ecosystem, from common sparrows to parrots to eagles to cranes to weird muppet-looking birds like the potoo. In this talk, I'll showcase a few of my favorite birds and their interesting qualities, and discuss some ways we can help make the world a better place for our feathered friends.

Secrets of the Web Inspector

Originally presented at
Clique Studios Internal
Presented on

The web inspector is a powerful tool embedded in almost every browser, and beyond just its face-value ability to inspect a web page’s source code and styles, it contains a number of powerful (if often poorly-advertised) tools for optimizing our work and troubleshooting problems. In this session, we’ll go over what the inspector has to offer to anyone working on websites, no matter what role you play in the process.

What's in a name (validation)?

Originally presented at
AlterConf Chicago
Presented on

Valid names: Steve Smith, Lisa Baumgarden, Jennifer Miller. Invalid Names: Carly Ho, Kaspars Bērziņš, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Manuel Pellegrini Ripamonti? In this talk, I will share my experience as a person with a name uncommon in dominant American culture. I'll discuss how I've had to deal with forms that think my name is invalid, and how as a web developer I advocate for people like myself.

Writing ~

Discord Bots

Here's a collection of bots I've written for Discord that you can add to your server and/or clone to create your own instances of. (Probably better to do the latter since I can't guarantee how well they'll handle multiple server loads.)



HTML (15 years), CSS (14 years), PHP (13 years), Wordpress (13 years), Javascript (7 years), Python (6 years), Ruby (5 years)

Programs and Utilities

Sketch, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Git, Let's Encrypt


Apache/LAMP, Heroku

Spoken Languages

English, Spanish


What I'm doing right now:

  • Running Ask Again Later, an independent LARP, with friends
  • Working on my first paid freelance writing gig for a roleplaying game
  • Starting to check off items on our wedding to-do list
  • Getting my 2018 planner ready for the new year
  • Committing to a mostly-daily writing habit with Get Your Words Out

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Updated: 1/30/2017